The following list contains some helpful resources that the staff has come across.  We hope that you will find them interesting.


Why 'The Bible Says So' is Not Enough Anymore  by Andy Stanley

Stop Pretending to Be So Perfect  by Andrea Lucado

An Open Letter to the American Church by Jon Foreman

Roe v. Wade - Abortion Won the Day, but Sooner or Later That Day Will End


Echo Prayer Manager  Exists to help you pray!

YouVersion The best Bible APP & it's FREE!


Creativity Inc.  by Ed Catmull

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made  by Dr. Paul Brand

Deep and Wide  by Andy Stanley

How the Mighty Fall  by Jim Collins

How Good is Good Enough  by Andy Stanley

Loving God  by Charles Colson

The Mission, The Men and Me  by Pete Blaber

Who is this Man by John Ortberg

WEBSITES  - write a letter to your future self. - presents the most important ideas in free, five minute videos