Reach those who are far from Jesus

Is your next step reaching those who are far from Jesus? If so, these are the classes and opportunities available this fall for you to do just that.

  • christian sexuality

    A 4-part video series created for parents to engage with middle and high school students in one of the most important conversations of our age.

    Week 1: Authority of God and Scripture

    Week 2: Sex and Marriage
    Week 3: Porn and Masturbation
    Week 4: LGBTQ and Questions

    Wednesday Evenings September 6, 13, 20 & 27. Sign up at the welcome center or on our app.

  • Apologetics class

    This is a 2-part class designed to help give you the tools you need to be able to defend your faith. If you’ve ever been in a conversation with someone who was asking you difficult questions about Christianity and you were unsure how to answer, then this class is for you.

    Sundays at 10:30 - October 8th &L 15th - Sign up at the Welcome Center or on our app.

  • generosity & hospitality

    This is a 2-part class focusing on 2 aspects of the heart of God: Generosity and Hospitality. What are these gifts, how have we experienced them in the world, how can we get better at them and why do they matter at all?

    Sundays at 10:30 - December 3rd & 10th - Sign up at the Welcome Center.